segunda-feira, 19 de fevereiro de 2018

Always the love...

Inexhaustible thirst
Insatiable hunger
Uncontrollable Desire
Constant presence
Exciting joy
Biting sadness
Peace in soul
Hell in the stillness
Be half, while remaining complete
To live...
And not just exist!

Rosa Soares

My garden ... today yours!

My eyes shine when they see you
My skin yearns for your caresses.
My ears listen to a song that speaks of love, when they hear your voice
A song made for me ...
There is no perfume I can compare to your scent.
Not anywhere safer than your embrace.
I open my garden to you my beloved
And I invite you to come in.
I have kept the most beautiful flowers, which only your hands can touch
I kept my desires and dreams, that only with you can I realize
And my secrets, only you reveal
Come, take me in your arms
That this is my place
Invade this garden, which is yours today.
Kiss my mouth, it's no longer mine
Make me a woman, for the stars to witness
Make me woman in the moonlight
Take it by right
This woman who was born to be yours.

Rosa Soares

Sempre o amor...

Sede inesgotável
Fome insaciável
Desejo incontrolável
Presença constante
Alegria extasiante
Tristeza cortante
Paz na alma
Inferno na calma
O amor....
Ser metade, sem deixar de ser completo
E não apenas existir!

Rosa Soares

quarta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2018

O meu jardim... hoje teu!

Os meus olhos brilham quando te veem
A minha pele anseia por teus carinhos
Os meus ouvidos escutam uma canção que fala de amor, quando ouvem a tua voz
Uma canção feita pra mim...
Não existe um perfume que eu possa comparar ao teu cheiro.
Nem lugar mais seguro que o teu abraço.
Eu abro o meu jardim para você meu amado
E te convido a entrar
Eu guardei as mais belas flores, que só tuas mãos podem tocar
Eu guardei os meus desejos e sonhos, que só com você posso realizar
E os meus segredos, só a você revelar
Vem, me toma em teus braços
Que este é o meu lugar
Invade este jardim, que hoje é teu.
Beija a minha boca, que já não mais é minha
Me faz mulher, para as estrelas testemunharem
Me faz mulher à luz da Lua
Tome para si por direito
Essa mulher que nasceu pra ser tua.

Rosa Soares

Love is more powerful than death.

This was the page I opened yesterday morning, and I had no way to post ...

If Only You and I …
She Speaks:
1 If you were my brother, I could kiss you whenever we happen to meet, and no one would say I did wrong.
2 I could take you to the home of my mother, who taught me all I know. I would give you delicious wine and fruit juice as well.
3 Put your left hand under my head and embrace me with your right arm.
4 Young women of Jerusalem, promise me never to awaken love before it is ready.
Their Friends Speak:
5 Who is this young woman coming in from the desert and leaning on the shoulder of the one she loves?
She Speaks:
I stirred up your passions under the apple tree where you were born.
6 Always keep me in your heart and wear this bracelet to remember me by.
The passion of love bursting into flame is more powerful than death, stronger than the grave.
7 Love cannot be drowned by oceans or floods. It cannot be bought — any offer would be scorned no matter how great.
Their Friends Speak:
8 We have a little sister whose breasts are not yet formed.
If someone asks to marry her, what should we do?
9 She isn't a wall that we can defend behind a silver shield.
Neither is she a room that we can protect behind a wooden door.
She Speaks:
10 I am a wall around a city, my breasts are towers, and just looking at me brings him great pleasure.
11 Solomon has a vineyard at Baal-Hamon, which he rents to others for a thousand pieces of silver each.
12 My vineyard is mine alone! Solomon can keep his silver and the others can keep their share of the profits.
He Speaks:
13 You are in the garden with friends all around.
Let me hear your voice!
She Speaks:
14 Hurry to me, my darling! Run faster than a deer to mountains of spices.

O amor é tão poderoso como a morte

Foi esta a página que abri ontem pela manhã, e não tive como postar...

1 Que bom seria se você fosse meu irmão, se tivesse sido amamentado por minha mãe!
Então, se eu me encontrasse com você na rua, poderia beijá-lo, e ninguém se importaria.
2 Eu o levaria para a casa da minha mãe, e você me ensinaria.
Eu lhe daria vinho com especiarias e o meu vinho de romãs para você beber.
3 A sua mão esquerda estaria debaixo da minha cabeça, e a direita me abraçaria.
4 Prometam, mulheres de Jerusalém, que vocês não vão perturbar o nosso amor.
Sexta canção
5 Quem é esta que vem subindo do deserto, de braço dado com o seu querido?
Debaixo da macieira, eu acordei você, ali, onde você nasceu, no lugar onde a sua mãe o deu à luz.
6 Grave o meu nome no seu coração e no anel que está no seu dedo. 
O amor é tão poderoso como a morte; e a paixão é tão forte como a sepultura.
O amor e a paixão explodem em chamas e queimam como fogo furioso.
7 Nenhuma quantidade de água pode apagar o amor, e nenhum rio pode afogá-lo.
Se alguém quisesse comprar o amor e por ele oferecesse as suas riquezas, receberia somente o desprezo.
Os irmãos da noiva
8 Nós temos uma irmãzinha que ainda tem seios pequenos.
O que faremos por nossa irmãzinha quando um rapaz quiser namorá-la?
9 Se ela for uma muralha, nós a defenderemos com uma torre de prata.
Se ela for uma porta, nós a reforçaremos com sarrafos de cedro.
10 Eu sou uma muralha, e os meus seios são as suas torres.
Por isso, o meu amado está certo de que estou bem protegida e segura.
11 Salomão tinha uma plantação de uvas num lugar chamado Baal-Hamom.
Ele escolheu lavradores para cuidarem dela; cada um tinha de lhe pagar mil barras de prata .
12 Eu também tenho uma plantação de uvas e faço dela o que quero.
Salomão, venha receber as suas mil barras.
Lavradores, venham receber duzentas barras pelo seu trabalho.
13 Minha querida, os meus companheiros estão querendo ouvi-la.
Eu também quero ouvir a sua voz no jardim.
14 Venha depressa, meu amado, correndo como uma gazela, como um filhote de corço, que salta sobre os montes perfumosos.

The Invisible World of Women - Page 75

Three months before I knew that the drill called cancer was approaching, I went to the emergency room, I remember Eduardo complaining to me, he said, "Benhê, I've asked you so many times to let me know when something is not going well, you have a bad time and you do not tell me? To need someone else to let me know ... " The customer shook my hand and felt that I was cold ... And Eduardo's concern was having to carry me (laughs) despite having almost twice my size ... I mentioned that in the first few pages of my life. Touching this subject because I had to take the powder off the device to get pressure, I needed it, felt the same thing.
When we have to go through something, some problem, we can not escape. This week I had to go to the veterinary clinic with Frederico, the week before my sister was with me ... but no, I had to be alone, difficult to get a car with the world spinning, but without alternatives it was what I did. I thought I would rest on this carnival holiday, but with Fred's medications and schedules, I can say that I'm not asleep, and today my body once again complained, I finally got out of bed, here I am in the office, alone, the employees is only coming back tomorrow ... I need to get a job!
A few months ago I was invited to be a radio announcer here in Brazil, I must have commented on this too, the person said that I could do whatever I wanted, a cooking program, beauty, anyway, would be at my discretion. He does not know anything about me ... Me, speaking of beauty? Sometimes I think there was a mistake, I was to be born a man, I do not wear makeup, until I buy, but it's like medicine, I believe they stay there, quiet, on some shelf looking at me, they're already working, and when it's over the validity, our relationship ends.
Cooking? Five years ago it could be, I was fanatical, when I look at my kitchen and see all the electrical appliances, I was spoiled with these gifts, He took time to understand at first, but saw that a computer store or one of those toys filled me too more eyes than any jewelry store, looked like a child in a large amusement park ... just memories.
I have not answered the invitation yet, but surely my answer is no.
I have many issues to solve, and I have my priorities, one of them is to stop Mr. Marcelo Arantes Ramos ...
Speaking of which, the victim of Portugal came in contact, while I was broadcasting on the radio online, my God, I know that what happened was not good, this man is a cancer that enters the lives of people to end them. But you want to know? I thank you that this unfortunate has entered our lives, I have love for these girls.
At first she seemed very upset about the way I wrote about her, and of course I was worried, but I said that I just described the facts, everything just as it happened ... but I never meant to hurt her and if she wanted me I would delete the page, and I was surprised, because she said, no, leave everything as is, I just want you to know that I'm on your side ... ending our conversation like this:
I love you...
I also love You brasuca, without malice that's how I treat my Brazilian friends.
How not to thank ....

I have used more frequently the translator and my corrections have been very superficial, anything.. you guys,  apologize.

Page 75