quarta-feira, 21 de setembro de 2016

God... I'll tell you that, It was worth...

I do not understand your ways
But I will give you my song
Sweet words I will give you
Uphold me in my pain
And that brings me closer to You
Closer to your ways

And around every corner
On top of each mountain
I do not look for crowns
Or the fountains of waters

Desperately I seek you
Frantic, I believe
The sight of your face
That's all I need

I'll tell you
That will be worth
Yes, it will be worth

The big day will be arriving
When you and I
You and I, we will find him
In that day
And you and I, you and I
Sing in one voice, to Him

Lord, it was worth
I shall I sing to my Lord

When the big day arrives
I will sing,
Jesus, yes,
Jesus, It was worth,
Live for You
Die for You

I love Him for what He is...

My faith is not firmed
In the things that You can do my Dad
I learned to love You for who You are

From Him come yes and amen
Only He and no one else
To God be the praise

If God does, He is God
If He does not He is God
If the door open, He is God
But if It close, He still is God

If the disease comes, He is God
If I am cured, He is God
If all goes well, He is God
But if not, He still is God

I don't love for what He does
I love Him for what He is
Whatever happens He will always be God