domingo, 12 de fevereiro de 2017

I am what I want to be...

I am what I want to be, because I only have one life and I only have one chance to do what I want. I have enough happiness to make it sweet to make it strong, Sad to make it human and hope enough to make it happy. The happiest people do not have the best things, they know how to make the best of the opportunities that come their way.

May my solitude be a companion to me. That I have the courage to face me. That I know how to stay with nothing and yet feel like I'm full of everything.
Clarice Lispector

Maybe one day...

Maybe one day
Who knows, one we will be
Maybe we will live
Who knows, one of us will die!

Who is that
Who is male?
Who is female?
Who is human, only!

Know to love
You know me and know yourself
Know us
You know how to be one!

One day
One month
One year
A life!

Feel first, think later
Forgive first, judge later
To love first, to educate later
Forget first, learn later

Release first, teach later
Feed first, sing after

Own first, contemplate later
Act first, judge later

Browse first, submit later
Live first die later
(Mario Quintana)

One day we discovered ...

One day we discovered that kissing one person to forget another one is silly. You not only do not forget the other person as you think much more about her ... One day we realize that women have a "hunter" instinct and make any man suffer ... One day we find that falling in love is inevitable ... One day we realize That the best proofs of love are the simplest ... One day we realize that the common does not attract us ... One day we will know that being classified as "good" is not good ... One day we will realize that the person who never League is the one who thinks the most of you ... One day we will know the importance of the phrase: "You become eternally responsible for what you captivate ..." One day we realize that we are very important to someone, but we do not value it. .. One day we realize how that friend is missing, but then it is too late ... Anyway ... One day we discovered that although living almost a century this time is not enough to fulfill all our dreams, to kiss all The mouths that attract us, to say what has to be said ... The way is: either we conform to the lack of some things in our life or we fight to realize all our follies ... Who does not understand a look, either  will not understand a long explanation. (TEXT OF MÁRIO QUINTANA)